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Quokka is a simulation package for silicon solar cells. It can rapidly determine the current–voltage characteristics for a large variety of 2D and 3D cell geometries.


Andreas Fell

Andreas is a Research Fellow at the Australian National University. His expertise lies in laser doping and the multi-dimensional simulation of solar cells.

He is the creator of Quokka, a fast 3D simulation program for solar cells. It can be freely downloaded from PV Lighthouse.

Andreas Fell


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Quantify experimental error due to spectral mismatch.


25 Mar 2014

cmd-PC1D 6.0 now available for download. This version of PC1D contains Fermi-Dirac statistics and up-to-date models for Auger recombination, mobility, and band-gap narrowing.

23 Mar 2014

Quokka 2.2 and its settings file generator released. Quokka is a 2D/3D simulation program for solar cells.

23 Mar 2014

OPAL 2 expanded to allow customised spectra, refractive index and IQE data. Output can also be downloaded in the format required by Quokka 2.

12 Mar 2014

Wafer optics calculator released. It conducts a full ray tracing simlation of a textured wafer coated with thin films.

12 Mar 2014

PVL Newsletter #9 published, describing changes to the website in Jan/Feb 2014.

3 Mar 2014

PV Lighthouse in the news for its contribution to the design and fabrication of 24.4% solar cell: pv magazine article.

17 Feb 2014

Spectral mismatch calculator released. It determines a cell's short-circuit current density under various spectra and can be used to quantify experimental error due to spectral mismatch.

3 Feb 2014

Project to create a Virtual Production Environment (VPE) commences. The VPE will be an online program that simulates the manufacture of commercial Si solar cells. Project partners: UNSW, ASU and us.

28 Jan 2014

Refractive index data for amorphous silion oxide added to the RI library. Data measured and supplied by Johannes Seif (EPFL).

24 Jan 2014

Recent versions of Chrome have a bug that prevents drop-down lists functioning correctly. To fix: right click chrome icon, select properties, and check 'disable visual themes' on the compatability tab.

16 Jan 2014

PV Lighthouse partners with PVEducation.Org.

8 Jan 2014

PVL Newsletter #8 published. It describes the updates made to PV Lighthouse in Nov/Dec 2013 and plans for 2014.

26 Dec 2013

PV Lighthouse website receives its 20,000th unique visitor.

16 Dec 2013

Thermal velocity calculator released. It determines the thermal velocity of electrons and holes in crystalline silicon.

4 Dec 2013

Dopant ionisation calculator released. It determines the fraction of dopant atoms that are ionised in crystalline silicon.

28 Nov 2013

Griddler released for Windows. Griddler provides a fast and sophisticated way to determine the resistive losses in any metalisation pattern.

24 Nov 2013

Quokka 2.1 released for Windows and Linux. Quokka is a 2D/3D simulation program for solar cells. Version 2.1 expands on the optical options.

13 Nov 2013

Spectrum library created. Visit the library to analyse, compare and download the spectral intensity of common spectra (e.g., AM1.5g, AM0, photoconductance flash).

8 Nov 2013

PVL Newsletter #7 published. It describes the updates made to PV Lighthouse in Sep/Oct 2013.

1 Nov 2013

Our new solar spectrum calculator was released. It generates the direct and diffuse spectrum that falls on module under clear-sky atmospheres.

28 Oct 2013

Quokka 2 released. Quokka 2 is a computer program that rapidly simulates solar cells in 2D and 3D.

16 Oct 2013

Chinese translations added to the resistivity calculator by Yimao Wan (ANU).

2 Oct 2013

OPAL 2.4 (beta) released. It allows the user to upload experimental n & k data, and to optimise film thickness for a solar cell's experimental IQE.

1 Sep 2013

Korean translations added to the sheet resistance and equivalent-circuit calculators by Dongchul Suh (ANU).

26 Aug 2013

The PV Lighthouse website receives a face lift. Graphic design by Garnish Garden.

9 Aug 2013

PV Lighthouse welcomes Simeon Baker-Finch as its third employee. Expect an acceleration in the roll out of our solar cell calculators.

18 Jul 2013

Chinese translations added to the sheet resistance calculator by Yimao Wan (ANU).

3 Jul 2013

EDNA 2 is released as an online calculator. EDNA 2 simulates the behaviour of a region of heavily doped silicon, such as an emitter or a back-surface field. It can be used to determine the J0E of an arbitrarily doped emitter.

18 Jun 2013

PV Lighthouse's Mal Abbott presents a paper at the IEEE's 39th PV conference in Tampa. The paper, a collaboration with Dupont, evaluates the recombination losses in industrial phosphorus emitters.


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